APP Manual: Section 5 - Budget Control

Summary of Budget Control

The following policies and procedures detail the overriding principals for administering General Purpose Revenue (GPR) appropriations, program revenue increases  and year-end encumbrance policies:   For additional budgeting policies and State accounting system ( STAR) procedures  see the Wisconsin Accounting Manual  (WAM) Section 3.

  • Administering GPR annual appropriations, year-end encumbrances, lapsing unspent funds, and justifying any carryover balances are established in these policies. In addition, the rules for legally encumbering funds at year end are specified in BUDGET CONTROL 1.0.

  • The process and Department expectations for monitoring and controlling spending and funding is in BUDGET CONTROL 1A.

  • Allotments for the Department of Health Services (DHS) federal appropriations and tracking Chapter 20 balances are outlined in BUDGET CONTROL 3.0

  • Program revenue allotments and procedures for requests to increase PR financing or Position levels are described in BUDGET CONTROL 4.0.

Last Revised: June 7, 2019