Fiscal Services Contacts

Contact Name Division Phone
Director Robert Halverson, Financial Manager Bureau of Fiscal Services 608-266-2019
Deputy Director Barry Kasten, Financial Manager Bureau of Fiscal Services 608-266-0314
Section Chiefs Emily Pape Cost Allocation and Financial Reporting Section 608-266-9365
  Rob Hamilton Expenditure Accounting Section 608-266-0594
  Becky Mogensen Managerial Accounting Section 608-267-7846
  Nancy Murleau Revenue & Cash Management Section 608-266-7581
Lead Accountants Joy Chen Division of Medicaid Services (DMS), and Medical Assistance (MA) 608-266-0544

Mary Jane Krzewina



Division of Care and Treatment Services (DCTS)

Division of Medicaid Services/Long Term Care (DMS/LTC)

Division of of Quality Assurance (DQA)




  Jim Otterson Division of Public Health (DPH) 608-267-3904

Accountant and Purchase Order Transactions



Nicole Hensen

Division of Enterprise Services (DES)

Office of Policy Initiative & Budget (OPIB)

Office of the Secretary, Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) and Office of Children's Mental Health Services





Accountant and Purchase Order Transactions Vacant Bureau of Information Technology Services (BITS) 608-266-7581
  Kathy Draves GPR Aids Appropriations 608-261-8369
  Joy Chen Office of Inspector General 608-266-0544
BFS Security Officer
(FMS Queries/Control D)
Joel Karklus Expenditure Accounting Section 608-266-8217


Fiscal Contacts by APP Section

Last Revised: March 23, 2021