Section 15 - Fiscal Administration of Grants and Contracts

Summary of Fiscal Administration of Grants and Contracts

Proper administration of grant and aid funding is essential to assure that contract goals are met, non-performance is identified, payment problems are reduced, and audit resolution is simplified.

The following policies are established to assist in effective fiscal administration of grant contracts:

  • Responsibilities and processing procedures for grants to provider organizations for assistance and aid are described in APP 1.0.
  • Links for required standard contract language for all aids contracts are also contained in APP 1.0.
  • General provisions for the review of contracts and payment criteria are described in APP 3.1.  For payments made through the Community Aids Reporting System (CARS), see APP 4.0 through APP 4.7 for submission of profiles, contracts, budget documents and expense reports to the Bureau of Fiscal Services.
  • CARS close-out procedures are described in APP 5.0 and APP 5.2.
Last Revised: November 6, 2018