Section 14 - Federal Funds

Summary of Federal Funds

All federal funds are subject to applicable state and federal statutes, rules or regulations.

Department policies are highlighted below and include the following:

  • The Department of Health Services (DHS) is responsible for establishing policies and procedures to comply with the claiming, reporting, and accounting for federal funds under the rules and regulations for each grant (FEDERAL FUNDS 1.0);
  • Unplanned or unanticipated federal funds over and above budgeted levels are at times properly claimed and received - defined as Excess federal revenue (FEDERAL FUNDS 2.0). This may include legal/audit settlements, federally reimbursed costs after the close of the FY where GPR has been spent and where the Department maximized non-GPR funding available while at the same time saving GPR. By statute or state policy, these funds require BFS , DOA and in some cases , Legislative oversight. The policies governing these funds are contained in FEDERAL FUNDS 2.0;
  • The definition of administrative costs for block grants is contained in FEDERAL FUNDS 3.0;
  • DHS policy is to expend funds from the earliest open federal block grant (FEDERAL FUNDS 3.1);
  • All operating divisions' grant management and OPIB ( Office of Policy Initiatives ) Grants Management and Federal Relations Section staff will ensure that each grant application includes indirect costs as a budgeted line item BFS will ensure that all indirect costs, when budgeted, as included in the federal claim. Revenue will be credited in accordance with s. 20.435 (8) (pz). (FEDERAL FUNDS 4.0)
  • The most recent indirect cost negotiation agreement is attached to FEDERAL FUNDS 4.1.
  • Special procedures for indirect cost rates for Wisconsin Indian tribes are in FEDERAL FUNDS 4.2.
  • Procedures for calculating & documenting ratios used in contract processing in federal reporting are found in FEDERAL FUNDS 5.0.
  • The DHS Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number and the federal requirements for sub grantee DUNS numbers are discussed in FEDERAL FUNDS 6.0
Last Revised: August 20, 2020