APP Manual: Section 9 - Accounting System Processing - STAR (formerly FMS)

The following policies and procedures are being revised and/or rescinded to reflect the statewide Accounting System (STAR). Please see the DOA Wisconsin Accounting Manual (WAM) for more detail.

Summary of Accounting System Processing - STAR

These procedures cover a range of topics associated with accounting system transactions, processing in STAR and system standards including appropriation use and prompt payment. The DOA Wisconsin Accounting Manual (WAM) and the DHS website, Accounting Services, provide further information and should also be reviewed.

  • Accounting System input and output policies for sub systems and special check distribution requirements must be followed for good internal controls and to prevent fraudulent payments. Accounting System Processing 1.0 covers these policies including standards and procedures for separation of duties for payment voucher processing and review and approval of sub systems outside of the official accounting system STAR.
  • Procedures for addressing entry accounting errors are covered in Accounting System Processing 1.4.
  • Special voucher and exceptional check distribution procedures are covered in Accounting System Processing 1.12 including the accounting and approval process required if checks are not processed through the normal process in STAR. Any exceptional check request and approval must be approved by the Bureau of Fiscal Services, Expenditure Accounting Section and only be released if separation of duties are followed as specified in this APP.
  • System procedures for Department ID changes, federal grant codes, are covered by Accounting System Processing 2.0, 2.1. These procedures are also applicable for federal reporting, budgeting, and appropriation control.
  • Specialized payables and processing (such as General Service Billings and IT Billings) are discussed in Accounting System Processing 4.0, 4.1.
  • Invoice/voucher approval and certification of goods and services for payments are covered in Accounting System Processing 5.0.  Refund of revenue received from a provider or person is also covered.
  • Prompt Payment requirements and procedures for invoice/voucher processing are detailed in Accounting System Processing 5.2 as well as the link to the WAM. Unless exempted, payments to vendors must be made within 30 days. Interest penalties also may apply unless notification has been made within the specified time if the invoice is improper or there is a good faith dispute relating to the receipt or quality of goods or services.
  • Accounting System Processing 7.0 links the references for the procedures in the WAM (DOA Accounting Manual) for bad checks, NSF (Not Sufficient Funds) or returned checks.
  • System accounts for legal services and use of clearing appropriations are covered in Accounting System Processing 9.1 and 10.0.
Last Revised: June 7, 2019