APP Manual: Section 6 - Purchasing

Summary of Purchasing

The State Bureau of Procurement, Department of Administration, purchases goods and services for the State through direct or delegated authority and establishes policy and procedures for the purchasing function. The State Procurement Manual is the official publication for disseminating policy on the State's procurement function. The State Procurement Operational Bulletin (a numbered series) describes procedures for specific commodities and services. Additional Department of Health Services (DHS) purchasing and travel reimbursement policies are published by the Department Bureau of Procurement and Contracting (BPC) and BFS.

Questions regarding procurement should be directed to the DHS Bureau of Procurement and Contracting (BPC). Procedures which impact on accounting and payment processes are developed by the Bureau of Fiscal Services ( BFS) and include the following:

  • DHS does not require requisitions/purchase orders (POs) for most procurements under $5,000. All requisitions/POs should be entered into the Accounting System (STAR) prior to the release of the PO to the vendor. See PURCHASING 1.0.
  • The approval process of "confirming (after-the-fact)" purchase orders over $5,000 is described and authorized only for valid reasons. See PURCHASING 1.0.
  • All new suppliers or vendors must complete an IRS W-9 Form and STAR information, before the supplier can be added or be paid. A supplier (vendor) must be set up in the Accounting System (STAR) to be paid. See PURCHASING 2.0.
Last Revised: September 25, 2019