APP Manual: Section 10 - Special Expense - Restrictions and Approvals

Summary of Special Expense - Restrictions and Approvals

These policies concern uncommon reimbursements and other expenditures that have special restrictions or require special approvals.

Division Administrator approvals, other special approvals and restrictions apply:

  • No memberships in professional or other organizations may be purchased with Department funds if the employee is the primary beneficiary of that membership. Membership purchase requests must be submitted to the Division Administrator or designee for approval. (SPECIAL EXPENSE 1.0)
  • Meetings, conferences or training workshops must be necessary and in accordance with the mission of the Department in order for any costs to be incurred by the state. Break expenses may be allowed if the majority of attendees are non-state employees or facilities are not available in or near the meeting location to allow attendees to obtain break items on their own within a reasonable time. In some circumstances, approval must be obtained from the division Administrator or Deputy Secretary. Meal expenses may also be allowed if several conditions are met. See SPECIAL EXPENSE 2.0 & 2.1.
  • The Department of Health Services (DHS) may provide funds or printed material for co-sponsored events if there is a formal written agreement signed by the Division Administrator or designee and a representative of the nonprofit agency specifying certain conditions. See SPECIAL EXPENSE 3.0.
  • Service awards may be awarded to employees for recognition of extended or extraordinary service. Justification for awards that cost more than $10 and $50 must be approved by the Division Administrator or Secretary or designee, respectively. (SPECIAL EXPENSE 4.0)
  • Reimbursement for employee tuition is discussed in SPECIAL EXPENSE 5.0.
  • Legal settlements and other unique claims will be specially handled by the Bureau of Fiscal Services (BFS) and is discussed in SPECIAL EXPENSE 6.0.
  • Mobile Device Policy and the DHS Internal Procedures, Acquisition and Reimbursement can be found in SPECIAL EXPENSE 8.0.
  • The allowable Federal rental rates for state-owned buildings can be found at SPECIAL EXPENSE 9.0.
Last Revised: October 5, 2020