APP Manual: Section 13 - Tax

Summary of Tax

The Department of Health Services has tax-related responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or Department of Revenue (DOR) levies against a particular vendor for amounts owed (TAX 1.0);
  • DOR tax set-off program whereby DOR may intercept State of Wisconsin checks as a set off against delinquent taxes owed the State by the payee (TAX 2.0);
  • DOR sales tax returns filed by the Bureau of Fiscal Services for tax collected by divisions and organizations selling taxable goods or services (TAX 3.0);
  • IRS Form 8038-G and 8038-GC to be filed for interest payments, including lease contracts or installment purchases of capital goods (TAX 5.0).
  • Sales and Use Tax Exempt Status Numbers to be used when purchasing goods and services for official state business (TAX 6.0).
Last Revised: June 7, 2019