APS: Administrative Code, SafetyNetWorks, Numbered Memos and Templates

Administrative Code Revisions

Distribution Date Subject
January 2011 On June 1, 2010, significant changes to WI Admin. Code, Ch. DHS 85 took effect, establishing standards for the approval of non-profit corporate guardians or unincorporated associations suitable to perform the duties of guardian of a person, or of an estate, or both.


Distribution Date Subject
February 2014 SafetyNetWorks - AAR Info Memo 16 (PDF) Guidance to County Elder Adults/Elder Abuse/Adults At Risk (EA/AAR) agencies regarding Form GN-4000. Statement of Emergency Protective Placement.

Division Numbered and Informational Memos

Distribution Date Subject
July 30, 2018 DPH Numbered Memo BADR 2018-04 (PDF)
Wisconsin Adult Protective Services System

(These templates are provided to the counties as guidance only. Counties can open the document, select all of the text, copy it and paste it into a new document that can be modified.)

Last Revised: July 24, 2020