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Adult Protective Services: Training Information

These trainings are intended for adult protective services frontline workers. Other community partners may find them helpful as well.

Confidentiality of Information Regarding Adults-at-Risk (PDF)—Guidance on dealing with confidential information, including when it can be released and who you can release it to.

Abuse of Individuals at Risk: An Overview (PDF)—Learn to identify abuse and how to report it.

Wisconsin Incident Tracking System (WITS) Training—For staff who work with older adults and adults with disabilities. It has key information about what abuse is, the warning signs, and how to connect with the reporting system.

Wisconsin 2019 Adult Protective Services Conference—A Vimeo recording of the following conference presentations:

  • Conference Welcome and opening keynote, Looking Beyond Yes: Elder Financial Crimes Investigations and Prosecutions
  • Forensic Medicine
  • The O’Neill Case: A Multidisciplinary Case Review
  • Working Together
  • Navigating 46.90
  • What’s in a Number
Last revised July 18, 2023