BadgerCare Plus Program Changes

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The BadgerCare Plus program is changing for certain adults.

You may be affected by these changes if:

  • You've applied for or are enrolled in BadgerCare Plus.
  • You aren't pregnant.
  • You're age 19 through 64.
  • You don't have children under age 19 who are living with you.

Here's some information about the changes:

Orange dollar sign and hospital symbols for ER copaysEmergency Room Copay

You may have to pay an $8 copay if you choose to get medical care in the emergency room when it's not an emergency. You pay this copay each time you choose to get medical care in the emergency room when it's not an emergency.

Blue dollar bill symbol for premium costsMonthly Premiums

Depending on your income, you may have to pay up to $8 per month to get health care coverage from BadgerCare Plus. You pay this monthly premium even if you don't get medical care during that month.


Blue doctor bag with cross symbol for treatment needsTreatment Needs Question

When you apply for or renew your BadgerCare Plus benefits, you may need to answer a question that asks if you are open to getting help for drug use. Your answer will not affect whether you can get BadgerCare Plus benefits. 

Green heart with heart beat symbol for BCP health surveyOptional Health Survey

You can take an optional survey to help us get to know your health care needs better and to lower your monthly premium if you owe one. The survey asks questions about your health, such as whether you exercise or smoke.

Looking for more information about the changes?

Check out our FAQs for information on who is affected by these changes, when they're affected, and more.


Are you a provider, partner, or other stakeholder?

You can find additional information about the BadgerCare Plus program changes, such as background, stakeholder-specific FAQs, and a toolkit with resources to help inform members of the changes, on our stakeholder pages

Last Revised: May 11, 2020