Birth to 3 Program: Does My Child Qualify?

Therapist meeting with family unit

There are a few pathways to meet eligibility requirements for the Birth to 3 Program and obtain services and supports. Those include a developmental delay of at least 25% in one area of development, a physician diagnosed condition with a high probability of developmental delay, or atypical (unusual) development that adversely affects your child's overall development.

The Birth to 3 team will consist of you, the service coordinator, and at least two professionals knowledgeable about your child's suspected areas of need. Since your child's growth and development is ever changing and evolving, the evaluation will only measure your child's abilities at a particular point in time. Through the evaluation process, you and the other team members will assess your child's strengths, abilities, and needs in each of the areas of his or her development.

Your observations and knowledge are key in identifying your child's strengths and needs. For example, you may find your child shows skills or different abilities with you and other family members or friends than they demonstrate during the evaluation process. Your knowledge about your child's medical and health history and general development is important information in helping to determine if your child is eligible for the Birth to 3 Program.

Last Revised: May 9, 2019