What is Strabismus?

Strabismus is the vision condition where the eyes are misaligned. Different types of strabismus include crossed eyes (esotropia, the most common type in children), out-turned eyes (exotropia), or vertical misalignment (hyper or hypotropia). The problem may be present intermittently or constantly. Treatment options depend upon the type of strabismus, and may include glasses, prism lenses, and/or surgery.

The significance of strabismus includes two different threats:

  • Amblyopia ex anopsia or "lazy eye"
  • Cosmetic disability

Amblyopia is a significant public health matter and is directly related to strabismus in small children. Parents should have their children's vision checked by a professional before four years of age or immediately at any age if there are any questions regarding the child's performance or appearance.


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Understanding Strabismus: Optometrists Network

Last Revised: March 21, 2019