Reviewing an Audit Report

The Department of Health Services has developed guidance for reviewing and resolving audit reports of agencies that receive DHS funding.  Though the department no longer uses the Provider Agency Audit Guide, the concepts contained within the documents below are still applicable to reviewing an audit report within the context of the new DHS Audit Guide.

  • Checklist for audits performed in accordance with the DHS Audit Guide 
    • Section A – Determine whether the audit report materials are complete and whether the audit met the applicable audit requirements
    • Section B  Assess the results of the audit (useful for assessing letters in lieu of audit reports, see previous article)
    • Section C  Document granting agency’s resolution of audit issues
  • Reviewing and Resolving Audit Reports:  A Guide for Reviewing and Resolving Audits Performed in Accordance with the Provider Agency Audit Guide. 
Last Revised: November 24, 2014