How to Contract for Audit Services

Efficiently procuring cost-effective audit services is a key board and management responsibility. To provide assistance in fulfilling the responsibility, the National Intergovernmental Audit Forum (NIAF) developed the following guide, Selecting an External Auditor, Guide for Making a Sound Decision (May 2007). The information lays out a systematic approach to audit procurement which can help ensure engaging a qualified auditor and receive a quality audit. The steps include the following:

  1. Planning the Audit and the Procurement
  2. Communicating Audit Requirements and Soliciting Proposals
  3. Selecting a Qualified Auditor
  4. Writing the Agreement: Documenting Expectations
  5. Monitoring the Audit: Ensuring a Quality Audit

An additional resource on this subject the agency may wish to consider reviewing is:

"What a Difference Preparation Makes: A Guide to the Nonprofit Audit," by the Accountants for the Public Interest. Call (202) 347-1668 for ordering information.

Last Revised: September 10, 2019