Grant Contract Awards - Grant Contract Management

Grant Contract Awards

Grant contracts to provider agencies are contractual arrangements similar to other contracts and agreements between the Department of Health Services (DHS) and other entities. While these grant contracts are not subject to Chapter 16 Wisconsin procurement laws, DHS administers them similarly to Chapter 16 sourced contracts, as appropriate.

In this step of the Contract Life Cycle, with an executable transaction ready, DHS can execute and manage the grant contract. The DHS business area assigns a Grant Contract Administrator, and the roles of all parties are defined. "Grant Contract Management" implies that the contractual arrangement is being monitored by DHS to assure that the terms and conditions of the grant contract are being satisfactorily met, that milestones are being measured, and that areas of improvement or opportunity are being identified and incorporated into the ongoing work.

The DHS business area's Grant Contract Administrator is responsible for establishing and managing the relationship with the vendor, to assure that the deliverables are being received, and to enforce interim actions to improve performance.

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Last Revised: December 9, 2015