Step 1: Program Overview

WisCaregiver Careers offers free nurse aide training and testing for caring individuals of all ages who are not currently listed on the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry. To check your eligibility, search the Nurse Aide Registry.  This program provides training through WisCaregiver nurse aide training programs.

After you successfully complete the free training and testing, apply for a job with a WisCaregiver nursing home. You will receive a $500 retention bonus from the nursing home after you work as a nurse aide for six months.

Program Requirements

To meet the WisCaregiver Careers program requirements, you must:

  • Complete free training in a participating WisCaregiver nurse aide training program.
  • Successfully complete free nurse aide competency testing and be placed on the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry.
  • Continuously work at a participating WisCaregiver nursing home as a full time or part time nurse aide for six months.

If you do not successfully complete the training and testing and work at a participating Wisconsin nursing home as a nurse aide for six months, you will be asked to pay back WisCaregiver Careers for the cost of training and testing. 


When you are ready, go to Step 2 to check out the list of participating WisCaregiver training programs in your area.

Last Revised: September 28, 2018