CBDPS: Subcommittee Descriptions

Data and Implementation Subcommittee

This subcommittee discusses the content, format, and procedures for submitting a report to the new birth defects surveillance system. For this purpose, the subcommittee will review the activities of other states (electronic, web-based, or paper-based reporting, the data elements to be included, the linkage of multiple data sources, cost issues, confidentiality issues, etc.). This group works closely with the Scientific Advisory and Service Linkages Subcommittees and reports to the Council as a whole.

Scientific Advisory Subcommittee

The Scientific Oversight Subcommittee will initially discuss the birth defects that should be monitored by the new birth defects surveillance system. In this work, the subcommittee will review the birth defects that were reportable under the Wisconsin Birth Defects Outcome and Monitoring Program, the birth defects that other states monitor, and the list of 45 conditions that the CDC recommends. The subcommittee will take into consideration potential data sources, staffing and funding constraints within the Department of Health Services, and the issues outlined in the Scientific Oversight packet. Over time, the focus of this subcommittee will change as new issues emerge. For instance, in the future this subcommittee will advise the Department regarding statistical surveillance strategies, quality improvement, and trend analysis. This subcommittee will work closely with the Data and Implementation and Service Linkages Subcommittees and will report to the Council as a whole.

Service Linkages Subcommittee

This subcommittee will address a variety of issues related to the development of a referral system (potential problems/benefits of linking a referral system with a surveillance system, confidentiality issues, referral models in other states, etc.). This subcommittee will also develop strategies for effective outreach in relation to the referral system to LPHDs, the Regional CSHCN Centers, the Birth to 3 Program, and to reporters to the system.

Last Revised: December 17, 2020

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