Map - Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)

The Department of Health Services is working with counties and tribes across the state to expand Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) to all areas of Wisconsin. 

There are three steps to achieving status as a CCS regional service model.

  • Division of Care and Treatment Services approval of the CCS regional service model
  • Division of Quality Assurance certification for CCS
  • Division of Medicaid Services approval to bill Medicaid for CCS

The map below shows the areas offering CCS programming.

Map Legend: The colors represent the 23 regions providing CCS programming. For example, one region includes Ashland and Bayfield counties (the dark blue color on the map). Unless noted below, the counties in white do not intend to provide CCS in a regional model at this time. Fond du Lac County provides CCS, but is not participating in the regional expansion initiative.

Notes: As of September 30, 2016, the Red Cliff Tribe received DCTS approval to offer CCS. This region still must be certified before services may be offered. Douglas and Burnett counties and the Lac Courte Oreilles Tribe have submitted paperwork to create a CCS region. The paperwork is being reviewed by DCTS staff.




Last Revised: January 5, 2017