Community Integration Program


The Community Integration Program is a Medicaid Home and Community-Based Waiver for adults with developmental disabilities.

In general, people who have a developmental disability are able to lead very productive lives in their community. People are able to access integrated employment, live in settings such as supported apartments, utilize the local transportation system, and access local doctors,clinics and hospitals.

In order to access the county-operated Community Integration Program Waiver (CIP Waiver), the person has to meet the Federal Definition of Developmental Disability.

The CIP Waiver helps people with developmental disabilities to stay out of institutions, or to relocate from state centers and nursing homes back to their communities.  In many circumstances, CIP can help prevent someone from having to leave his/her community.  CIP is funded through the federal Medicaid Program (MA).  It is known as an "MA waiver" because the federal government has waived certain regulations, allowing Wisconsin to use the dollars to follow people to the community.  The money goes from the state to county waiver agencies who administer the program.

Frequently Asked Questions: Home and Community-Based Services Settings Rule.

Area Quality Specialists are assigned to specific county waiver agencies and/or tribes to provide technical assistance and quality assurance activities.

For general program information contact Sandy Blakeney at 608-266-7754.

Last Revised: August 31, 2017