Civil Rights Compliance Plan Resources

Data Collection

To complete the Civil Rights Compliance Plan, you will need access to data concerning employees and program participants. The following sources may assist you in your data collection efforts:

  • Disability data collection; aggregate number of the recipient's employees with disabilities.
    • Information on the disability of an individual employee is confidential and voluntary. However, reporting only the aggregate number without individual employee identification does not violate confidentiality requirements.
  • Race and ethnicity data collection; race and ethnicity of employees and participants.
  • Limited English Proficiency Data Collection
    • Please see Limited English Proficiency Requirements Section in this webpage.

Affirmative Action Plan

Effective as of January 1, 2010, the Affirmative Action Plan is no longer a part of the Civil Rights Compliance Requirements. Contractors and vendors of DHS that are required to submit an Affirmative Action Plan to comply with the Wisconsin Contract Compliance Law, Ch. 16.765, Wis. Stats., and ADM 50 Instructions for Vendors (PDF, 577KB): Affirmative Action Requirements, on the State of Wisconsin VendorNet (PDF, 577 KB) website. Contractors and vendors should refer to their signed contract for specific instructions for complying with the Affirmative Action PlanRequirements.

Equal Opportunity Requirements

Customer Service Population Analysis. To complete this analysis you must first determine what segment of the county or a multi-county population best represents your potential customers. Following are data sources that may be useful in completing this analysis:

Limited English Proficiency Program (LEP) Requirements

As a recipient, you are required to establish a language access policy andprocedures to be implemented as specified in the CRC requirement for the periodof January 1, 2014 - 2017.

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Technical assistance

Technical assistance information is provided in Section H, page 5 of the Instructions and Format for the Civil Rights Compliance Plan. Additionally, the same information can be found in:

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