Children's Long-Term Support Waivers - 2012 Monthly Teleconferences

The Children's Services Section in the Bureau of Long Term Support hosts a monthly teleconference on the third Thursday of odd-numbered months (excluding March and September), from 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon. The primary purpose of these calls is to provide local agencies with updates and overviews regarding the programs they administer and to give local staff the chance to bring specific questions to Department of Health Services (DHS) staff regarding the children's programs.

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2012 Teleconferences

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CY2011 Fiscal Reconciliation, Functional Screen Updates, Family Support Program Annual Plan and Data Report, TPA Service Coding


Functional Screen Updates, Technical Assistance for Enrollment Maintenance, CLTS Updates, and More!


Special Topics: Provider Qualifications Tools, Changing LTS Codes, TPA Tips, and More!


Special Topics: Youth in Transition Initiative (DVR and DHS), New CLTS Waiver Services, Restrictive Measures, and More!


Special Topics: Collaboration and Communication between School and CLTS Waivers, New ISR, TPA Topics, Record Reviews


Special Topics: Record Reviews


This Teleconference Was Cancelled


Special Topics: TPA Overpayment Protocol; Requesting a Fence; New CLTS Waiver MedStat Code


Special Topics: Technical Assistance Days; Updated Autism Policies; and more!


This Teleconference Was Cancelled


Fiscal Issues, Record Reviews, Autism Services, and more!


This Teleconference Was Cancelled

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