Treatment Services for Children with Autism

The Children's Long-Term Support Waivers (CLTS Waivers) provide funding for specific services not covered by the Wisconsin ForwardHealth Medicaid card. For young children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), treatment using behavioral methods is available. The treatment is designed to teach new skills while reducing the challenging behaviors seen in some children with ASD. Children with Medicaid functional and financial eligibility can participate in this program for up to three years. After three years of treatment the child may qualify for ongoing waiver services to address the more diverse needs of a growing child. The program goals are child-centered and include reducing the child's future long-term care needs. This is achieved by making significant gains towards typical development including increased social, behavioral, and communication skills, which the child can use at home and in the community.

Typically, treatment is provided to the child on a one-on-one basis by a treatment team. The team is composed of a lead therapist, senior staff, and line staff. This team develops and implements a treatment plan with the family, which is individualized to each child's developmental needs. The approach addresses child-specific skills, is clearly defined in observable terms, and measured carefully through direct observation. Consultative behavioral intervention (CBI) services involve 10-20 hours, per week, of face-to-face service. Early intensive behavioral intervention (EIBI) services involve 30-40 hours, per week, of face-to-face service.

Last Revised: February 12, 2015