S-0653 DCTS-18 Forensic Case Management Services CR / OARS - Southeastern and Western Regions

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RFA = Request for Application
RFB = Request for Bid
RFI = Request for Information
RFP = Request for Proposal

Solicitation Number

S-0653 DCTS-18

Solicitation Due Date/Time

December 20, 2017 2:00pm

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Division of Care and Treatment Services is seeking proposals for Case Management Services in two (2) forensic programs; Conditional Release (CR) and Opening Avenues to Reentry Success (OARS). Services for these programs include the provision of Forensic Case Management Services for persons who have been conditionally released or admitted to OARS statewide. This solicitation is for the Southeastern and Western regions.

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November 8, 2017 2:00pm

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Status Date

November 8, 2017 2:00pm

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Last Revised: November 8, 2017