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COVID-19: Messages of Gratitude

Thank you for submitting your messages, Wisconsin!

Due to the high volume of messages, not all submitted messages are displayed below. We will be adding more soon and we appreciate your patience.

Note: Minor edits were made to messages for clarity. To view the read messages in text form, please click on the drop down bar below. 


Thank you note from Amanda, Dane County


Thank you note from Dave, Buffalo County


Thank you note from Christine, Sauk County


Thank you note from Kate, Milwaukee County


Thank you note from Mary, Dane County


Thank you note from Heather in Dodge County


Thank you note from Julie, Manitowoc County


Thank you note from Matt, Dane County



Thank you note from Sherry, St. Croix County


Thank you note from Terri from Shawano-Menominee Counties

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Messages are organized by county.

Ashland County 

  • Huge thanks to Liz, our health officer who stepped up to the plate as a global pandemic was beginning!  She worked tirelessly, day in and day out, while also being a first-time mom! — Tammy

Brown County 

  • I want to take a moment to thank every school nurse who stepped up more than we ever will know, helping so many kids and families feel comfortable in the craziness of the last two years. From contact tracing to testing to vaccines, you all were there and never gave up. Dedicated and worth all that you do! Thank you! — Mark 

Buffalo County

  • I want to thank Josie Knauber, the Buffalo County Health Officer, for her work as public health nurse and health officer throughout these past two years. She is a great leader and compassionate health care professional and has put in many dedicated hours working to protect the residents of the Buffalo County area. — Dave 

Columbia County 

  • I want to send a big thank you to Ellen Ellingsworth, Health Officer of Columbia County. In January of 2021, Ellen stepped into the role of health officer during an unprecedented time. She faced a steep learning curve as she worked through the challenges of overseeing COVID case management and community collaboration while simultaneously setting up COVID vaccine clinics, all with a local public health nurse staffing shortage. She continued to serve in her previous role as director of the WIC program at the same time. Ellen rose to the challenge with energy, resiliency, realism, and a good sense of humor.  — Laura

Dane County 

  • I appreciate the constant efforts of essential workers. From grocery clerks to teachers to health care professionals, these people knowingly took calculated risks to their health to safeguard our communities' physical, emotional, economic, and educational health. Their selfless contributions saved our communities. — Eric 
  • I want to thank Dan Stormer for keeping us at the power plant safe. He has put his employee's safety and health in front of everything. We all owe him a huge thank you for always trying to put his employees first! — Todd
  • Thank you to the entire Human Resources Team assigned to the Department of Health Services. Every team member, including all staff in the Central Office and each of DHS's 24/7 Facilities, worked tirelessly to support the agency's response to the pandemic. You performed above and beyond anyone's expectations with your efforts covering so many areas. From hiring contact tracers, helping employees manage their emergency leave options, assisting with on-site testing and vaccine tracking, helping create the COVID Response Team and the COVID Response and Recovery Team, and so much more. Because of your efforts, the front line focused on helping those who needed help the most. Thank you for your importance in keeping all of the pulleys and gears in the DHS machine running smoothly under enormous stress! I am so incredibly proud and appreciative of all of you!   — Bob 
  • Thank you to all the State Workers who assisted in many ways, including continuing everyday to run the business while down staff, pitching in at all hours of the day to assist in the COVID-19 response in any way possible, recordkeeping actions so we can learn from this experience, and bringing innovative solutions to problems that we would never have thought we had to deal with. — Matt 
  • The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs oversees three skilled nursing facilities for veterans in Chippewa Falls, Waupaca, and Union Grove. My thank you goes to the incredible staff that remained steadfast in caring for Wisconsin veterans. Administrators, food service, nursing, volunteers, and so many more were there for our veterans through the worst and most isolating times of the pandemic while being constantly asked to do more with less. I'm moved by the dedication and perseverance of all staff as they continue to answer the call to serve those who served. — Mary
  • Thank you to the OIG Management Team for assessing and advocating for our collective needs as we all endured the pandemic. I am certain I would not have been able to hold it all together - work, family, anxieties, and increased stressors - without you banding together to help deliver increased flexibility in our workspace. The top-down messaging to take care of ourselves and our families has been invaluable throughout, and it has meant a lot to feel supported in this way. — Amanda 

Dodge County 

  • I want to thank all Mayville EMS staff for their hard work, dedication, long hours, and coming together through this very tiring time. I am so proud and blessed to be part of this great department. — Julie 
  • Abby, our County Health Official, had weekly updates with all of the Dodge County Schools and ensured that we had all of the information necessary to make the most informed decisions. She was always there to answer questions, support, and help us through challenges. — Heather 

Manitowoc County

  • A huge thank you to the Manitowoc County public health nurses, public health officer, and school nurses who continue to work tirelessly on our behalf. Your services are much appreciated. Wishing you well as you continue your journey. — Julie

Milwaukee County

  • I want to note that Amber Mullett, Director of the Office for the Promotion of Independent Living (within DHS/DPH/BADR), spent a year assisting in the Madison area. We received communications from her seeking input on making sure citizens with disabilities can access information and receive equitable services across the state. We missed her in OPIL but knew she was helping fight the good fight! — Kate

Pierce County 

  • Thank you to our wonderful contact tracers and disease investigators who stepped up as temporary staff during the pandemic to help us reach out to COVID-19 positive patients. Many of you came out of retirement to help us, and some of you worked other full-time jobs and helped us during nights and weekends to give other staff a break. We are incredibly grateful for every one of you. You showed compassion every day, with every case you called. Thank you! — AZ 

Sauk County

  • Thank you to the volunteers who manned the Baraboo Circus World test site! You showed up every time, regardless of weather, and provided kind and compassionate care to thousands of community members in their time of need. True friendships were forged in the unlikeliness of times, and many memories were made that will last a lifetime. It was my great privilege to have worked with you! — Christine

Shawno/Menominee County

  • I am so grateful for my team! The dedication and can-do spirit have impacted our community as folks were going through such unpredictable and tough times. Whether it was education, sorting out their challenges, or just a listening ear, I have gotten messages of how this team was there for them, and they appreciated it. Thank you all! — Terri

St. Croix County

  • Thank you to the St. Croix County Health Department for their fantastic work throughout the pandemic. A special shoutout to Heather for sharing all of her knowledge to ensure our facility was following the changing guidance. We appreciate your commitment to our community. — Sherry

Vilas County 

  • Thank you to all frontline emergency services workers in Vilas County and my town, Manitowish Waters, for your dedication to serving the county citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic over the last two years. Also, to all health care providers. Thank you! — Karen 

Waukesha County

  • I want to thank Mary C., a Waukesha County Public Nurse. We were so fortunate that Mary was assigned to our childcare center in 2021. Anytime a child or staff member was diagnosed with Covid, or I had a question about a situation, I could count on Mary. She always answered the phone so professionally and happy, even though she had spent her day talking with many other people. She was patient with all my questions, a wealth of knowledge, kind, and caring. She took the time to explain things to me even if it meant repeating what she said two or three times. Mary was such a light during a hard and unpredictable time. Waukesha County is very lucky to have her as a part of their public health department. — Becky 


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Last revised January 31, 2023