COVID-19: Map of Vaccine Providers

This map is intended to help Wisconsinites more easily find and connect with vaccine providers in their area. It is also meant to provide a snapshot of where vaccine is being sent across the state.

Important details about the map:

  • All vaccinations are by appointment only and each vaccine provider manages its own schedules and appointments.
  • Some providers are only open to specific eligibility groups. Please visit the provider's website or contact them before going in to confirm vaccination location and hours, that vaccine doses and appointments are available, and that you are eligible for a vaccine.
  • The map is updated every two weeks. Therefore, vaccine providers listed below may have already administered or allocated their supply.
  • Please be patient. There is a limited amount of vaccine, so it may be difficult to get an appointment. All vaccine providers are working hard to administer vaccines safely, efficiently, and equitably.
Questions about the COVID-19 vaccine? Call 844-684-1064 (toll-free).
  • ¿Tiene preguntas sobre la vacuna contra el COVID-19? Llame al 844-684-1064 (llamada gratuita).
  • Muaj lus nug txog qhov tshuaj tiv thaiv COVID-19? Hu rau 844-684-1064 (tus xov tooj hu dawb).
  • 对 COVID-19 疫苗是否有任何疑问?请致电 844-684-1064(通话免费).
  • COVID-19 वैक्सीन के बारे में कुछ सवाल है? 844-684-1064 (टोल फ्री) पर कॉल करें।
  • Wixii su'aalo ku saabsan tallaalka COVID-19? Soo garaac 844-684-1064 (lacag-la'aan).


This map is populated with data self-reported by vaccine providers. If you are a vaccine provider and need to report a correction to the map, please provide the correct information.

Last Revised: March 29, 2021