CRS: Individual Service Plan Guidance, Quality Review Form

The Division of Care and Treatment Services has created a form [F-00260 (Word)] to document it's quality review of CRS Individual Service Plan (ISP) packets submitted by counties or tribes. This form serves as evidence of the state's review of each service plan packet. This form may also be used as a resource for county and tribal agency staff as they prepare service plan packets for submittal.

Counties are encouraged to use the following ISP template but are not required to do so. If counties choose to use their own template, the domains listed in form F-00202 should be included in the county document.

Submission of service plan packets must include the following:

When downloading a form, you may get a Windows Security popup box asking for a login ID and a password. The form will open if you choose "cancel."

Questions? Call 608-266-2717  and ask for the CRS Program.

Note: The Community Recovery Services Service Plan Packet Quality Review Results Form (F-00260) (Word) is provided as courtesy only to assist counties and tribes as they prepare their consumer applications. Please do not submit this form as part of your consumer application.

Last Revised: March 1, 2018