CWC - Developmental Evaluation Clinic

The Developmental Evaluation Clinic (DEC) provides a four-day interdisciplinary evaluation for individuals with intellectual disabilities who may have behavioral challenges. It serves people who require close support. Following the DEC admission, the interdisciplinary team meets with those who support the client to discuss the findings of the evaluation.  Team members are also available for consultation as requested.

Criteria for Admission

The DEC program is designed to support people who:

  • Have intellectual disabilities;
  • Are experiencing loss of skills or memory concerns;
  • May require close support;
  • Have some behavioral challenges but are NOT a danger to others;
  • Have medical concerns; and/or
  • Are comfortable in a private room.

Process for Admission

All admissions to the DEC program must be approved by the local managed care organization (MCO) or county staff.  Interested parents and/or guardians should either get approval from their local case manager or request the DEC social worker to contact the case manager for approval.  An initial interview will be scheduled in a location convenient for the person, their support staff, and the local case manager (such as the person’s home or work site.)  The CWC Admissions Committee reviews the information gathered and makes a determination as to admission.  The social worker then contacts the parent/guardian with the suggested admission schedule.


The Developmental Evaluation Clinic is the smallest of the three short-term programs at CWC.  It usually supports 18 to 20 people per year operating one week per month, serving up to two people each cycle.



Last Revised: May 12, 2017