Medical Short Term Care Unit (MSTCU)

The Medical Short Term Care Unit (MSTCU) at Central Wisconsin Center performs interdisciplinary evaluations with recommendations for care and treatment at home for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

The MSTCU has ten beds and admits five clients per week.

Professional staff evaluate the client in their area of expertise.  We work together as a team, sharing what we learn, and make specific recommendations for care at home.

Interdisciplinary Evaluations

The professional staff at the MSTCU will perform a detailed interdisciplinary evaluation during a client's inpatient stay. We provide all care and treatment during this time.

Admissions Process

The process for admissions to the MSTCU includes an intake assessment by an admissions social worker for the client.  Information obtained is shared with the CWC Admissions Committee.  The Committee determines if we can meet a client's needs, and if so, we schedule an admission date.

Admissions for clients under age 18 must be approved by county officials.  Admissions for clients over 18 must be approved by county or Managed Care Organization (MCO) officials.

We support clients with:

  • Complex medical needs;
  • Post-operative care and/or therapy needs;
  • Spasticity management concerns;
  • Adaptive equipment and/or specialized wheelchair needs;
  • Nutrition concerns and/or feeding difficulties;
  • Respiratory management and/or oxygen needs; and/or
  • Mild behavioral issues.
Last Revised: June 17, 2016