Short Term Assessment Program (STAP)

The assessment team provides:

  • Detailed, comprehensive assessment of an individual's current status.

The Short Term Assessment Program (STAP) is designed to meet the unique needs of children and adolescents with mild to profound intellectual disabilities combined with significant behavioral challenges and/or psychiatric needs. Adults may also be offered services in this program. Individuals receiving services in this program typically present significant behavioral challenges, such as self-injurious behaviors, aggressive and/or destructive behaviors.

  • Identification of behavior function.
  • Identification of desirable behaviors that might replace the challenging behavior.
  • General behavior intervention recommendations.
  • Assessment of psychiatric issues and psychotropic medications.
  • Recommendations of adjustments to current medications.
  • Recommendations for supporting the individual in his or her community setting.


Admission eligibility is determined by Central Wisconsin Center's Admissions Committee following a screening visit by the STAP social worker.

Services & Therapies

A wide range of services and therapies are available to all individuals receiving treatment in STAP.

Referrals & Cost to the County

Requests for STAP evaluation should be directed through county or Managed Care Organization (MCO) case managers. Under ss51.437(4rm)(c)2m, the county or MCO will be billed the non-federal share for services provided to individuals under ss51.06(1m)(d) who are eligible for Medicaid

Last Revised: June 17, 2016