About Us - Core Values


A person-centered philosophy guides our approach to treatment and support strategies. We maximize individual potential by our focus on human development, health, environment, and quality of life.

Respect and Dignity

We believe that all people are of equal human value. We believe that each person is unique in talents and abilities. We believe that everyone deserves quality service. We celebrate the diversity of the people who live and work at CWC.


We are responsive to our customers, passionate in our advocacy, principled in our approach, and responsible in our actions.


We strive for excellence and seek continuing improvement in all we do.

Collaboration and Partnership

We promote inclusion and participation in a team-focused environment. Together, we seek creative approaches to common issues.


We are a learning community devoted to increasing knowledge of best practices. We achieve success when sharing and integrating this knowledge into the broader community.


We are committed to the safety of the people who live and work at CWC.

Last Revised: June 17, 2016