Other Resources

Wisconsin Chronic Renal Disease Program

The Wisconsin Chronic Disease Program (WCDP) offers assistance to Wisconsin residents with chronic renal disease, hemophilia, and adult cystic fibrosis. The WCDP is funded entirely by state dollars. The program pays health care providers for disease-related services and supplies provided to certified WCDP participants after all other sources of payment have been exhausted.

Disability Programs

A list of services and programs offered by the Department of Health Services (DHS) for disabled persons.

Pathways to Independence Program

Wisconsin’s Pathways to Independence program seeks to remove barriers to employment for people with severe disabilities and provide ready access to the comprehensive help they need in order to work.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Wisconsin Vocational Rehabilitation is a federal/state program designed to obtain, maintain, and improve employment for people with disabilities by working with vocational rehabilitation consumers, employers, and other partners.

Last Revised: March 19, 2019