Dementia Care Project Highlights - November/December 2014


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Dementia Care System Redesign

Community Awareness and Services Team

  • Completed training for the new Dementia Care Specialists.
  • Began data collection on the Dementia Care Specialist (DCS) program.
  • Held meetings with members of the medical community to discuss ways they can be engaged in the Dementia Care Redesign Plan.
  • Collaborated with AARP to provide three (3) town hall meetings via conference call to increase awareness of Dementia Friendly Communities across the state. Over 42,000 people participated in the calls.

Facility Based Long-Term Care Team

  • Began work on a publication that will list citations frequently issued to nursing homes and help to identify strategies for providers to improve services and avoid serious violations.
  • Held the 2014 FOCUS Conference, “The Art and Science of End of Life Care.”
  • Conducted an Implementation Webinar for Phase II of the Music & Memory Program, which expanded to include 150 more nursing homes.
  • Continued to conduct visits to facilities to observe promising and innovative dementia friendly practices.

Crisis Response and Stabilization Team

  • Continued to gather data from current crisis response teams in an effort to refine criteria for improved dementia capable crisis response.
  • Project staff met with members of the facility provider community to review concerns raised by the provider community about Emergency Protective Placement options.

Dementia Care Guiding Principles and Training Team

  • Presented a request for civil money penalty (CMP) funds to provide coupons that would allow nursing homes to receive free dementia care training. The request was not approved; however, a modified version of the proposal will be submitted at the next CMP Committee meeting in 2015.
  • Conducted BETA testing on the Crisis Response Training developed by the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.

Research and Data Collection Team

  • Completed the Dementia Care Specialist (DCS) activity reporting instrument.
  • Rolled out the DCS data collection system and provided training to all DCSs.
Last Revised: March 27, 2015