Dementia Care Project Highlights


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Dementia Care System Redesign


  • Arranged the Regional Listening Sessions scheduled to occur in July 2014 at five locations across the state.

  • A meeting was held with the Dementia Care Subcommittee of the Long Term Care Advisory Council to discuss Dementia Care Guiding Principles (formerly "Standards") and Training.

Community Awareness and Services Team:

  • An initial meeting was held with public employees regarding dementia capable work environments.

  • The process to hire Division of Public Health dementia friendly community project staff was initiated.

  • A federal grant application was submitted to the Alzheimer's Disease Supportive Services Program. If awarded to the Department, the grant will be utilized to provide targeted dementia caregiver support in the African American communities in Milwaukee and Dane County, with a focus on testing evidence based interventions.

Facility Based Long Term Care Team:

  • The Dementia-friendly facility design workgroup met to plan a meeting with physical environment specialists to identify elements of a dementia-friendly facility, including designs that optimize privacy and create a homelike setting.

  • Identified a number of facilities to visit that represent statewide distribution, certification and licensure type.

Crisis Response and Stabilization Team:

  • Developed a template plan outlining survey goals and methods that align with the data collection needs of the Dementia Care Redesign Plan.

  • Collaborated with the Facility Based team to develop questions to ask during planned facility visits.

Dementia Care Guiding Principles and Training Team:

  • Three external stakeholder workgroups, facilitated by UW Oshkosh, were held to obtain comments and suggestions on the development of the Dementia Care Guiding Principles.

Research and Data Team:

  • Met with a research team from the Minnesota Department of Health to discuss an opportunity for an evaluation and fiscal analysis of the Memory Care Connections project.

  • Met with the Division of Public Health, Office of Health Informatics to finalize the plans for the implementation of the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Cognitive Impairment module for 2015.


Last Revised: October 13, 2014