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Dementia Training Catalog

As outlined in the Wisconsin Dementia Care System Redesign Plan, the Department has posted a searchable Dementia Training Catalog with training opportunities.  The listing includes brief descriptions of the intended audience, content, availability, links to contact and other information about the sponsoring organization.

The intended audiences for these trainings include professionals in health care, social services and public health; paid caregivers; family caregivers; guardians (corporate, volunteer or family); Power of Attorneys (POAs); law enforcement, Adult Protective Services (APS) and other crisis workers.

Criteria for Inclusion in Dementia Training Catalog

Trainings that are cataloged and publicized on the Department’s website must be:

  • Related to dementia;
  • Actual trainings, not just informational sites;
  • On-going or frequently occurring; and
  • Open to the general public if offered by corporations/organizations.

Criteria for Exclusion in Dementia Training Catalog

Trainings that are excluded from being cataloged and publicized on the Department’s website are:

  • Trainings that are offered one-time only;
  • Trainings exclusively offered to sell products;
  • Trainings that are offered exclusively to a corporation or organization’s staff; and
  • Trainings unrelated to dementia.

How to Contact Us

If your organization offers training that meets the inclusion criteria and would like your training to be listed in the catalog, please email the following information to

  • Name of training;
  • Brief description of the training;
  • Intended audience;
  • Location (in-person or on-line);
  • Whether the training is located (Wisconsin, other state, national or international);
  • Whether or not certification or continuing education units (CEUs) are available; and
  • Link to the training information or site.

The Department of Health Services retains the right to make a final decision regarding any training that is posted on the Department’s Dementia Care System Redesign website.


Last Revised: December 5, 2016

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