Centers for People with Intellectual Disabilities


The Division of Care and Treatment Services operates three centers for people with intellectual disabilities in Wisconsin: Central Wisconsin Center, Northern Wisconsin Center, and Southern Wisconsin Center.

Using an interdisciplinary approach for meeting the social, psychological, health, developmental, educational, and vocational needs of each individual through the provision of active treatment, these centers provide:

  • Residential care and treatment to Wisconsin citizens with intellectual disabilities when this care cannot be provided by local human service agencies;
  • Short term care, evaluation, and diagnosis as a supportive service to divert extended care admissions;
  • Identification of the types of supports needed to return the individual to their local community with person centered planning when the person can live in a less restrictive environment;
  • The support to succeed in their choice of community through community consultation, treatment, intervention and training.

Each center also operates an intensive treatment program.

Statutory authority for the operation of these centers is found in Chapters 51 and 55 of Wisconsin Statutes. Individuals are referred through their county or managed care organization (MCO) human service agencies and courts. All individuals over 18 are protectively placed under Chapter 55 and have a court appointed guardian.

Each center is licensed as an Intermediate Care Facility and complies with all Federal Title 19 regulations.

Last Revised: August 9, 2017