Intensive Treatment Programs: Descriptions


Each of the three state Centers has its own Intensive Treatment Program.

Northern Wisconsin Center, Chippewa Falls

  • Individualized treatment for people with an intellectual disability and challenging behaviors, which may put community living arrangements at risk
  • Offers assessment, intervention, and treatment
  • Typically serves ages 15 and up
  • 22 bed treatment program
  • Programs up to 90 days

STAP (Short Term Assessment Program)
Central Wisconsin Center, Madison

  • Supports individuals with intellectual disabilities and challenging behaviors and/or psychiatric needs
  • Provides a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s current status, answers to referral questions and recommendations for community living
  • Typically serves ages 5 to 21
  • 8 bed unit treatment program
  • Assessments typically 60-90 days

ITP (Intensive Treatment Program)
Southern Wisconsin Center, Union Grove

  • Assessment, intervention, treatment and recommendations for adults with an intellectual disability, challenging behaviors, psychiatric and/or medical conditions
  • Works to return individuals to a residential setting as soon as possible
  • Typically serves ages 19 and up
  • 4 bed unit treatment program
  • 90 day maximum recommended stay, all admissions are time limited
Last Revised: June 17, 2016