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July 26, 2010, marked the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In celebration of this occasion, the ADA Wisconsin Partnership, through funding provided by the Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center (DBTAC) Great Lakes ADA Center, was pleased to release a video, "We Came Together: Wisconsin Reflects on 20 years of the Americans with Disabilities Act."

Tammy Liddicoat, Executive Director of Employment Resources Inc. indicated that the video was inspired by the idea that it took ALL disability groups coming together with a united message, to ensure the passage of the ADA.

Ms. Liddicoat said, "The video features overlapping clips from interviews with several disability advocates who, alongside hundreds of others in Wisconsin, played a part to advance civil rights for people with disabilities, promote the passage of the ADA and ensure ongoing awareness of ADA implementation."

General Resources

ADA Wisconsin Partnership

(This website provides access to a wealth of information that can assist consumers and businesses learn more about the civil rights laws in Wisconsin and the Americans with Disabilities Act.)

Voter Rights Resources for Election Officials

Accessibility checklist for polling places

Voter Rights Resources for People with Disabilities

Where do I file a Complaint

To file complaint against a provider receiving funding from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services contact the:

DHS Office of Affirmative Action and Civil Rights Compliance

To learn more about discrimination in employment, housing or public accommodations or file a complaint contact:

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