New Pending and Not Verified Information Page in CARES Worker Web and Changes to Correspondence - Amended 10/10/2018

Proposed Guidance Documentation

This Operations Memo announces several correspondence and system enhancements for FoodShare, health care (BadgerCare Plus, Medicaid, and Medicaid sub programs), Caretaker Supplement, Child Care, and Wisconsin Works. The enhancements include:
•    Changes to the notice of decision. When benefits are denied or terminated because one or more members of the household did not take a needed action, give proof of answers, or provide information that the agency needed to process an application, change, or renewal, the notice of decision will list the information that was needed from each individual per program. FoodShare closure notices will be enhanced to communicate what is still needed when a Six-Month Report Form (SMRF) has been received and completed but not processed.
•    Changes to the Navigation Menu in CWW. A new Verification Details section will contain pages related to verification.
•    A new page in CARES Worker Web (CWW). The Pending/Not Verified Information page will give workers a convenient way to locate and update verification fields that may cause eligibility to pend or fail for an individual or assistance group (AG).
•    Changes to ACCESS Check My Benefits. ACCESS users will be able to navigate to the View My Letters page directly from Benefit Details pages.
•    Other changes to CARES. To ensure that notices are accurate and meet requirements, fixes have been made for fields that were not functioning correctly for different programs.

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