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January: Rose Bowl Parade

Donate Life America participates in the Rose Bowl Parade by building a float that celebrates organ, tissue and eye donation.

January: National Volunteer Blood Donor Month

A time to highlight the importance of giving life through the donation of blood and to honor past and present donors and encourage others to donate.

February 14: National Donor Day

National Donor Day is focused on five points of life: organs, tissues, marrow, platelets, and blood. Many nonprofit health organizations sponsor blood and marrow drives and encourage organ, tissue, and eye donor registration.

March: Eye Donor Month

A time to honor and celebrate those who have become corneal donors and to urge all citizens to consider giving the gift of sight.

April: Donate Life Month

A time to build awareness of the ever-present and growing need for organ, tissue, and eye donors.

August 1: National Minority Donor Awareness Day

This awareness campaign focuses on the need for donors of all races and ethnicities; promotes healthy living and disease prevention to decrease the need for transplantation; and reaches out to all ethnic groups. Observances have included prayer breakfasts, health walks, and donor drives. Sponsored by the National Minority Organ Tissue Transplant Education Program.

November: National Marrow Awareness Month

A special nationwide effort to recruit volunteer marrow, blood stem cell, and umbilical cord blood donors and to increase patient awareness of the option of unrelated transplantation. Marrow Donation.

November, Two Weekends Before Thanksgiving: National Donor Sabbath

Faith communities across the country focus on the critical need for organs, tissues, marrow, and blood, and their life-enhancing capabilities. Faith leaders participate in discussions of donation with their congregants, and faith communities sponsor donation awareness activities during this three-day celebration of life.

Alternating odd-numbered years: National Donor Recognition Ceremony and Workshop

Donors and their families from across the country are honored in the nation's capital for giving the Gift of Life. The event includes workshops and a donor recognition ceremony.

"You have the power to save a life. Say yes to donation."

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Last Revised: January 16, 2015