Programs or Services Administered / Provided by Division of Public Health

The Division administers programs to promote and protect public health, prevent disease and disability, and promote healthy behavior.

  1. Aging and Disability Resources. Responsible for the development of policy and the management of programs that serve aging adults, persons with physical disabilities, or who are blind or visually impaired, deaf or hard-of-hearing, those in need of adult protective services, and persons who need or receive information about or access to community-based long-term support through an Aging and Disability Resource Center. More.
  2. Communicable Diseases. Promotes efforts to prevent and control communicable diseases among Wisconsin citizens. Implements surveillance, control, and prevention measures; assists local health departments, health care providers, and citizens to prevent and control the spread of communicable diseases; maintains a statewide surveillance system; assists in early identification and intervention of communicable diseases; and informs the public about ways to prevent and control communicable diseases. More.
  3. Community Health Promotion. Develops and supports programs aimed at reducing the incidence of chronic disease among Wisconsin citizens and promotes the availability of health services to those with chronic conditions. Assesses health status, risk factors, and preventative health practices of the population; identifies desirable health practices and services; provides ongoing health surveillance; promotes public health education, programming and initiatives to promote the health of citizens; and prevents chronic disease. Provides leadership to assure the health and well-being of all Wisconsin families and their communities. Develops, implements and administers policies for the health and well-being of women, children, and families. Programs include life cycle health, nutrition education and counseling, supplemental food, and vendor compliance. More.
  4. Environmental and Occupational Health. Promotes public health through a statewide program to increase public awareness of environmental hazards and disease and prevent and control exposure to environmental hazards. Protects the public from health risks related to occupational activities and prevents occupational illnesses and injuries in the workplace. Provides tracking of occupational diseases and injuries through surveillance programs, provides assistance to employers to help create safer workplaces, and provides training and program assistance on workplace safety and health. More.
  5. Health Informatics. Collects, maintains, and provides vital records for the citizens of the state; integrates and manages major public health related information systems; collects, protects, disseminates and analyzes health care and population-based health data needed to conduct critical state business. More.
  6. Preparedness and Emergency Health Care. Coordinates the Department's response to natural and human-made disasters, licenses emergency medical service providers and technicians, supervises and approves training, approves and coordinates advanced support services. More.
  7. Public Health Policy and Practice Alignment. Develops and implements public health strategic planning.  Supports a division-wide planning and policy focus on population health that will result in achieving the goals set out in the state health plans, Healthiest Wisconsin 2010/2020. Works closely with the local health departments throughout Wisconsin. Provides technical assistance and consultation for Community Health Assessments and Community Health Plans. More.
Last Revised: August 30, 2017