Eligible Hospitals - Eligibility

Eligibility Rules

Eligible Hospitals include:

  • Acute care hospitals whose CCN number falls into 0001-0879
  • Critical access hospitals whose CCN number falls into 1300-1399
  • Children's hospitals whose CCN number falls into 3300-3399
  • Hospitals which predominately treat individuals under the age of 21 as a freestanding hospital or hospital within a hospital but do not have CCNs (must contact the Wisconsin Medicaid EHR Inventive Program at DHSEHRIncentiveProgram@dhs.wisconsin.gov to obtain an alternative number issued by CMS).

Patient Volume

To be eligible, acute care and critical access hospitals must have an average length of patient stay of 25 days or fewer and have a minimum 10% Medicaid Patient Volume. Children's hospitals have no length of stay or patient volume requirements.

The Wisconsin Medicaid EHR Incentive Program will analyze all Wisconsin Hospital's patient volume during the first 90-day quarter of the federal fiscal year and inform the hospital if it meets the 10% patient volume requirement for the Program Year. Eligible Hospitals will not be able to apply for Program Year 2015 until they receive notification of their patient volume eligibility. For more information, please refer to Appendix A: Patient Volume (PDF 257KB), of the State Medicaid Health Information Technology Plan.

Last Revised: June 15, 2015