Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

* A DWD workweb ID is required to access these links.  See to get a DWD workweb account.

What Are All The User ID's and What Are They For?
  • The WAMS User ID (in additon to a Mainframe User ID) is used to access the CARES Worker Web (CWW) and HOD (Host on Demand) for DWD mainframe applications. The WAMS User ID is also used to access other Web based applications like the Electronic Case File (ECF).
  • The DWD/Wisconsin User ID is used to access the DWD Extranet. The DWD Extranet includes information and documentation for local agencies, including HOD mainframe connectivity project documentation.  This ID is used to access BST, CSAW, CCPI, CCPC, EATS, IMQA, LTC, ASSET and CATS.
  • The State Mainframe User ID is needed (in addition to a WAMS ID) for access to DWD mainframe applications such as KIDS and CARES.  Mainframe users need Host On Demand (HOD) to access the mainframe system.
How Do I Get A DWD/Wisconsin User ID?

Self-register at:

Then work with your local security officer for security authorization for specific access, if needed. If you are a local agency IT person working on HOD, let your DWD IT Contact know what your DWD/WI user ID is and we will obtain access to the secured technical information on the DWD Extranet for you. You may need to enter wiext/ before your User ID name for your User ID to work.
How Do I Get A State Mainframe User ID?
  • Contact your Local Security Officer* to obtain a DWSW-10-E*, or download one from the DWD Extranet.
  • If you are a local agency IT staff person working on HOD and wish a mainframe User ID, on the Computer Access Request Form (DWSW-10-E enter "IT staff person" in parenthesis behind the staff person's name (Field 4). In Field 16, enter "IMS only -- for HOD testing" in the space provided behind the Other box. If accessing HOD via an ISP, check the HOD box in Field 16 and provide the requestor's WAMS User ID in Field 17. If accessing HOD via BadgerNet you don't need to check the Field 16 HOD box or have a WAMS User ID.
What is WAMS?

WAMS (Web Access Management System) is the "key to the front door" to access state applications.   The State of Wisconsin administers many systems and WAMS is often times the first step to access one of the systems in a secure "house."  Many times there are systems that have additional levels of security that require other "keys." 

The vision for access to state applications is to eventually allow authorized individuals to access state internet applications using the same means of identification for all State Web applications. For example, a citizen would be able to use the same Wisconsin User ID and password to acquire overweight trucking permits, Emergency Medical Technician certification, or access to CARES or KIDS.

Why is a Different User ID needed for the DWD Extranet & Web Applications?

At this time, the DWD and DOA security infrastructures (WAMS) are not integrated. Until this occurs, access to DWD web applications, including the DWD Extranet, requires a DWD/Wisconsin User ID.  DWD partners connecting over an (Internet Service Provider) ISP also must have a WAMS User ID for non-DWD applications and for accessing HOD

I Had a WAMS User ID That Worked for Extranet Access and now it doesn't?

A DWD User ID and password was automatically created from all WAMS User IDs in existence prior to February 7th, 2004. Thus, the DWD User ID and password was initially identical to the WAMS User ID and password. Once the password for either account was changed, they no longer were the same. Creating a WAMS User ID and password after February 7th does not create a DWD User ID. That needs to be done independently of WAMS.

Can I save shortcuts from my desktop to any of the applications on the Systems Gateway page?

It's possible to do this, but you shouldn't.  It can cause problems with some of the applications.  Instead, save a favorite to the Gateway Page itself because the links on that page will always be up to date.

Last Revised: November 11, 2014