Program Participation System (PPS) Employment Outcomes Module

You will see Ellie Hartman listed as the contact for technical assistance regarding the PPS data throughout our training modules.  She is no longer at DHS.  Please contact Janet Estervig for any questions about the tool. For technical assistance, please contact the DHS SOS Help Desk.

The PPS Employment Outcomes Module tracks employment outcomes for work engaged individuals with disabilities who are receiving long term care services from Family Care, PACE, Partnership, or IRIS. These outcomes are recorded by employment providers, Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), and the IRIS Consultant Agency (ICA). This webpage provides links to background and training materials for this module.

Data Entry Training

There are a total of six training modules on data entry. The modules are two to seven minutes each. To watch all five (an individual chooses 2a or 2b, not both) it will take someone less than 20 minutes to complete.

  1. Accessing PPS Employment Outcomes Module (Adobe Connect, help)
  2. Employment Outcomes List  (choose one)
    1. For Employment Providers (Adobe Connect, help)
    2. For MCOs or IRIS (Adobe Connect, help)
  3. Employment Outcomes Reporting (Adobe Connect, help)
  4. Answering Employment Questions (Adobe Connect, help)
  5. Reporting No Employment in Report Month (Adobe Connect, help)

Quick Reference Guide to Data Entry

Paper Copies of Employment Outcomes Questions

For MCO, ICA, and State Users Only

Using the PPS Employment Outcomes Datamart


Last Revised: December 29, 2016