Medical First Responder Services and Staff

Medical First Responder services providing 9-1-1 response in Wisconsin must:

  • Be licensed as a First Responder service
  • Operate under an approved operational plan
  • Operate under approved protocols
  • Obtain approval for advanced skills
  • Operate with licensed/certified EMS personnel, credentialed with that service 

Medical First Responders providing 9-1-1 response in Wisconsin must:

  • Have completed an approved first responder course and subsequent refresher courses
  • Maintain current CPR for healthcare providers certification
  • Hold a current certificate from the State of Wisconsin (expires June 30 of even numbered years)
  • Be credentialed with a licensed First Responder service
  • Follow approved protocols.

Per Ch. 256, Wis. Stats., and Wisconsin Administrative Code DHS 110, every group that operates as or advertises as providing medical first response must submit an operational plan and obtain a license as a medical first responder service. All individuals operating as first responders with a 9-1-1 response service must be trained through a department (DHS) approved first responder training program and obtain and maintain a state certificate.

There continues to be unlicensed First Responder services and uncertified Medical First Responders operating in Wisconsin. Many of these services and individuals are providing medical first response without the benefit of approved or current training. Others may have completed an approved curriculum and maintained that knowledge with regular refreshers but failed to be properly certified.  We encourage all dispatch centers statewide to make sure that any First Responder service they are dispatching are properly licensed. They could require the Service Director to provide a copy of their Service license to validate it. 

First Responder Service Licensure

If a first responder service is not a licensed provider, submit an application and operational plan. Follow the links below for the needed documents:

Individual First Responder Certification

An individual must obtain his or her initial first responder provider certification within 24 months of successfully completing the first responder course. This process is completed in E-Licensing. A certified First Responder must complete a Local Credential Agreement (LCA) in E-Licensing for the service provider he or she will be affiliated with. Only after both the Service and Medical Directors approve the LCA will the individual be added to the service's roster.

Contact the Program Coordinator for further information.

WARDS Reporting

Wisconsin Administrative Rule 110.34(8) requires all First Responder services to complete run reports for any calls where an advanced skill was used as defined in the approved operational plan. It does not require all calls be reported into WARDS but it is strongly encouraged to document all runs. Please consider drafting your own local policy or procedure dealing with entering reports into WARDS.

Last Revised: February 6, 2017