Intermediate Technician Services and Staff

Intermediate Technician services providing 9-1-1 response in Wisconsin must:

  • Be licensed as a Intermediate Technician  service
  • Operate under an approved operational plan
  • Operate under approved protocols
  • Operate under the Wisconsin Scope of Practice for the Intermediate Technician 
  • Operate with licensed/certified EMS personnel, credentialed with that service 

Licensed Intermediate Technician in  Wisconsin must:

  • Have completed an approved Intermediate Technician course and subsequent refresher courses
  • Maintain current CPR for healthcare providers certification
  • Hold a current certificate from the State of Wisconsin (expires June 30 of even numbered years)
  • If practicing, be credentialed with a licensed  service
  • Follow approved protocols.

Per Ch. 256, Wis. Stats., and Wisconsin Administrative Code DHS 110 (PDF, 228 KB), every group that operates as or advertises as providing Intermediate Technician level service must submit an operational plan and obtain a license as an Intermediate Technician Service.  Additionally, all individuals operating as Intermediate Technicians with a 9-1-1 response service must be trained through a department (DHS) approved Intermediate Technician program and obtain and maintain a state certificate.

Intermediate Technician Service Licensure


If an Intermediate Technician service is not a licensed provider submit an operational plan. Follow the links below for the needed documents:

Individual Intermediate Certification


Just like any other type of EMS licensure, an individual must obtain their initial Intermediate Technician provider license within 24 months of successfully completing the Intermediate Technician course. This must be completed from their E-Licensing account which can be accessed by clicking this E-Licensing link.  After this has been obtained the Intermediate Technician will need to complete a Local Credential Agreement (LCA) for the service they wish to be affiliated with.  Only after both the Service and Medical Directors approve the LCA will the individual be added to the service's roster.


For specific requirements for all levels go to the Renewal/Retraining Requirements page.


Contact the Program Coordinator for further information.


WARDS Reporting


The new Administrative Rule 110.34(8) requires all ambulance responses to be uploaded or entered into WARDS.


Last Revised: August 26, 2015