EMS: Non-Affiliated Licensure

As of August 2009, there is no longer a need for "non-affiliated licensure in Wisconsin."  

Wisconsin E-licensing will allow the EMS Section to issue one EMT license or Emergency Medical Responder certificate to an individual at his/her highest level of training and eligibility.  EMS personnel will no longer hold multiple licenses when affiliated with more than one EMS agency/organization.  

Once licensed (or certified) by the State of Wisconsin, the EMT or Emergency Medical Responder will then apply to each service for local credentialing.

"Credentialing" is a term being used nationally. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), National EMS Scope of Practice Model (PDF) states that "credentialing is a local process by which an individual is permitted by a specific entity (the medical director) to practice in a specific setting (with an EMS agency or organization)." While an EMS provider will be state licensed, he/she must be locally credentialed with an EMS agency/organization in order to practice.

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Last Revised: October 19, 2018