EMS Program Numbered Memos

The Wisconsin EMS program periodically publishes numbered memos to update providers and interested parties of important information. These memos are emailed to the services, and when appropriate, sent to every licensed EMS person in the state. Listed below are memos of interest from those published.

Memo Number Topic
Memo 15-03 (PDF, 184 KB)
April 2015
Clarification of the need for out-of-state services and personnel to be licensed in Wisconsin along with an explanation of the process and requirements.
Memo 15-02
(PDF, 44 KB)
March 2015
Clarification about the use of Mutual Aid from out-of-state services and as it relates to one and two paramedic level services.
Memo 15-01
(PDF, 51 KB)
March 2015
Updated information about migration to the NEMSIS v3 database.
Memo 14-03
(PDF, 103 KB)
August 2014
Information on how to modify a service's Operational Plan to include the levels added in the recently passed Act 200 - Naloxone Legislation.
Memo 14-02
(PDF, 48 KB)
March 2014
First Responder Grant will not be offered this year due to an excessive match percentage. See memo for explanation of this decision.
Memo 13-06
(PDF, 50 KB)
December 2013
Announcement of the National EMS Information System (NEMSIS) data set change to v3.
Memo 13-05(a)
(PDF, 43 KB)
October 2013
2014-2016 renewal preparation for service providers.
Memo 13-05(b)
(PDF, 43 KB)
October 2013
2014-2016 renewal preparation for individual providers.
Memo 13-04
(PDF, 48 KB)
October 2013
New patch vendor announcement.
Memo 13-03
(PDF, 55 KB)
October 2013
Updated information on destination codes for the Wisconsin Ambulance Run Data System.
Memo 13-02
(PDF, 54 KB)
September 2013
Updated information on training center training permits.
Memo 12-02
(PDF, 117 KB)
June 2012
Critical Care Paramedic, Rabies/Animal Bites, Use of RNs, Tactical EMS, WARDS Update, EMS Instructor Update, and First Responder Update.
Memo 11-16
(PDF, 109 KB)
November 2011
Additional 2012-2014 license renewal information, Hand-Off report concerns and updated WARDS information.
Memo 11-14
(PDF, 53 KB)
November 2011
The National Education Standards, National Scope of Practice and how they affect Wisconsin EMS.
Memo 11-13
(PDF, 44 KB)
September 2011
Applicability of the International Association of Flight Paramedics' critical care certification towards the Wisconsin Critical Care Paramedic.
Memo 11-12
(PDF, 45 KB)
September 2011
Applicability of the University of Iowa Critical Care Paramedic towards the Wisconsin Critical Care Paramedic.
Memo 11-08
(PDF, 115 KB)
June 2011
Late Renewal, Funding Assistance, Criminal and Driving History Issues, WARDS and Training Permits.
Memo 11-07
(PDF, 106 KB)
April 2011
Clarifications on Critical Care and Paramedic level differences, WARDS Compliance, Intercept and Special Event, 2012-2014 License Renewal, Air Medical accreditation, EMS patch vendor change.
Memo 11-02
(PDF, 104 KB)
February 2011
DHS 110 updates, licensing, training permits, lidocaine, tactical EMS, late renewal, reinstatement, administrative fees, national registry for first responders, service director course, licensing renewal audits, customer service survey, funding assistance program, hypoglycemia treatment survey, used equipment distribution system, and WARDS update.

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Last Revised: April 15, 2015