King LTS-D Advanced Airway

Use of the King LTS-D airway is now being offered as a pilot study to all Emergency Medical Responder, EMT and Advanced Emergency Medical Technician providers in Wisconsin.  

An operational plan amendment and pilot program agreement, course outline, skill evaluation tool, and sample protocol have been developed for use in developing and/or changing your services' advanced airway program.  Written approval of an amended operational plan is required prior to training and implementation of your King LTS-D airway program.

King LTS-D Use/Approval Requirements

  1. The emergency medical service provider and services' medical director must identify those qualified individuals who will teach the curriculum and test the students on the use of the King LTS-D.
  2. The emergency medical service provider must submit an amendment to the service's operational plan to add the King LTS-D airway.  The amendment must be submitted to the Division of Public Health, Office of Preparedness and Emergency Health Care (OPEHC), EMS Section. Written approval of the program is required prior to training and implementation of the King LTS-D airway program.
  3. The service provider must agree to provide the approved educational component to each emergency medical responder or EMT licensed with the service provider. (The service must agree to maintain all training records.) The educational component will consist of:
  • Didactic Session –consisting of airway module review with the King LTS-D addendum.
  • Practical Session –practice inserting, inflating, securing, ventilating with and removing the King LTS-D airway until competency is achieved
  • Skill competency check-off signed by the medical director
  1. King LTS-D airway use must be included in the service's CQI program. Use of the Advanced Airway Data Form and completion of the outcome information for every King LTS-D airway patient (by the service Medical Director) is mandatory.
  2. The service must provide a plan to ensure that all affiliated and neighboring emergency medical services are familiar with the device.

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Contact your appropriate program coordinator at the Wisconsin EMS office for further information.

Last Revised: November 16, 2017