Lincoln Park and Milwaukee River Channels

Image of shoreline along Lincoln Park in Milwaukee

Areas of Lincoln Creek and the Milwaukee River channels are contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls, (PCBs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) P-44606 (PDF, 303 KB) . The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) are working together to remove the contaminated sediment and restore some of the natural habitat of this area.  

Is it safe to use Lincoln Park during cleanup?  

Yes! Most areas of the park are safe to use as normal.  For your safety, stay out of marked construction areas and where there is construction equipment. We do not expect people (or pets) to become ill from contact with the PCBs or PAHs in the riverbed sediments.  We recommend that people avoid even small amounts of exposure by washing hands before eating.

Until the riverbed cleanup is finished, remember these three things:

  1. Follow the posted fish advisory (PDF, 197 KB) signs

  2. Stay away from the work areas and keep your dogs away from the posted areas.

  3. Wash hands, feet, or other objects that have contacted the river waters or soils.


For more information about the health effects of PCB exposure, contact:

Last Revised: August 19, 2015