Family Care Partnership Program - Mission and Principles

The mission of the Family Care Partnership Program is to maximize the ability of members to live in the setting of their choice, participate in community life, and be engaged in the decision-making processes regarding their own care.

The Family Care Partnership Program will ensure that members receive high quality health care and other supports necessary to be valued citizens in the community.


Partnership guiding principles are to:

  • Deliver and coordinate health and long-term care through an interdisciplinary team.
  • Treat its members as dignified individuals who are accountable for their responsibilities and entitled to their rights.
  • Allow members to manage their own services to the greatest extent possible or to the extent they desire.
  • Offer members the information necessary to make informed decisions.
  • Deliver quality services that are both member and provider friendly, on a timely basis.
  • Improve the attitudes and practices of the health care profession toward frail elderly and people with disabilities.
  • Maintain physical and mental health standards to assure optimal levels of health and functioning for members.
  • Support its members to develop and maintain friendships and participate with their families.
  • Consider the changing needs of its members and to flexibly adapt services as necessary.
  • Emphasize members self-reliance and sense of self worth.
  • Carry out the member service plan by utilizing effectively and equitably the available public.

Member Participation

Principles to guide member participation:

  • Marketing and Member Materials: Members review marketing materials for cultural awareness and readability.
  • Provider Network: Members provide feedback for primary care physician reviews, the provider network and the Partnership organization via surveys, interviews or focus groups.
  • Member Rights: Members have rights and responsibilities in Partnership. Grievance and Appeals: Members may participate on grievance advisory committees.
  • Quality Assurance: Members may participate on QA/I committees; sites use consumer-defined quality indicators.
  • Administration: Members participate on the governing body and on the ethics committee.
  • Member/Team Shared Responsibility: Members participate in assessments, service planning and delivery. Members have opportunities to choose or request:
    • Primary care physician
    • Home care workers and other providers
    • Care settings
Last Revised: January 23, 2017